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Amster-dam(n) Good Trip

Myself and Bobby recently got to take a business trip to the very beautiful and picturesque Amsterdam in a quest for some new furniture for the store. Here are a few bits and pieces that I thought would interest you lovely people.

We stayed in the wonderful boutique Hotel Weber in the buzzing Leidseplein area. Each room had a quirky but luxurious feel, superb attention to detail displaying interesting artwork and light fittings in each room. The staff were brilliant and we received an impressive continental breakfast platter each morning and enjoyed devouring it on the balcony - in short WE LOVED HOTEL WEBER.

I have visited Amsterdam a few times now but I am always shocked and impressed by how many bicycles there are! Every minute cyclists shoot past ringing their bells and every street with a railing seems to have 100 bicycles attached to it. It is estimated that there are around 881,000 bicycles in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is often referred to the Venice of the North but in fact it has more canals than Venice (165 to be precise). Me and Bobby failed to squeeze in a boat ride on this occasion but enjoyed the views nonetheless!

We visited a brilliant store called Raw Materials (Rozengracht 231). It primarily concentrated on industrial and antiqued furnishings. The layout of the store meant that you glided through various rooms and settings, each one a different colour from the last.

I could have spent hours in there!

We stumbled across this sensational design store called Droog. It was full of furnishings, lighting and studio art and we adored wandering around this creative space taking it all in! Like Inspitalfields, Droog creates products, projects and events in collaboration with designers, clients and partners and I think this is why we loved it so.

I thought this bamboo bicycle was simply amazing.

These unusual shelves caught my eye. The eerie design makes me think it could sit in an Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

This garden incorporated plants and textiles in quite an organic way. The colour scheme is carefully considered and it was a real delight to walk around.

During our visit we got some surprisingly good weather and we were advised to take a trip to Vondelpark, the most famous in the Netherlands. We celebrated in true Inspitalfields fashion and drank champagne by the water, people watching and taking in the scenic views.

I absolutely adored this Theatre building, Amsterdam has some architectural beauts, mixing many eras and styles.

We took the ferry over to the north and visited the EYE Film Museum. Architecturally, a stunner of a building and a nice contrast to the Theatre. There was a great Stanley Kubrick exhibition on too! We ate lunch here looking out over the water and Bobby indulged in the local specialty, pickled Herring!

I am hopeless at languages but was enjoying listening to the Dutch language on the tram and by people passing by. This was the first sign that caught my eye when we got off the tram. A real mouthful of a word, try and give it a go.

I could go on and on but to conclude we had a wonderful business trip…and we did do work (honest) In fact we will be getting lots of exciting and unique furnishings in in the Autumn so be sure to pop in!

Urban Gallery - East London Street Art

Here are just a few snaps taken on and around Brick Lane and Shoreditch, do you recognise any of them?

It is hard to believe that just a 5 minute walk from the built up buildings and the corporate nature of Liverpool Street and around Broadgate there’s an array of eclectic street art tucked away down alleyways and showcased on the sides of buildings.

East London and Art go together like tea and biscuits. The side streets, bridges, parks, walls are transformed by weird and wonderful artwork, some beautiful, some not so, some witty and some thought provoking. I see a lot of it on my stroll to work and have only recently started to appreciate it.

What’s special is it is constantly evolving, displaying what is relevant to people right now. It’s an urban gallery on your doorstep without you even knowing it.

Staff Getaway - Jessica and Venice

Our lovely Jessica recently got back from a much deserved break to Venice.

Here she shares a few tips, photos and stories.

Godere! (Italian for Enjoy!)

Panoramic view of beautiful Venice.

Venice, such a romantic, historical place. There’s enough natural tanned skin around to put the St.Tropez to shame! No cars, no tube, no stress. Imagine a boat ride as a commute!

Slack off the expensive Gondolas, get the gondola boat at Traghetto Saint Sofia instead (a boat that crosses from one side of the canal to the other) it’s only fifty cents!

Check out the “Piccolo Museo della Pieta ‘Antonio Vivaldi’” a small Vivaldi Museum containing all types of strange and wonderful string instruments! I even managed to blag my way into a live Vivaldi Strings Concert - RESULT!

I love this sculpture! Here I am outside the contemporary art gallery “Punta Della Dogana”. Controversial maybe but I think it was better than the Saatchi Gallery.

In the same art district, I discovered a sculptor who chisels soft objects out of wood. What a talented man!

I also managed to befriend a Venezian barman who was nice enough to take me out on a speedboat tour of Venice for six hours.  We docked at restaurants built on piers, swam to the Lido beach and we were lucky enough to catch a local punting boat race where the audience travelled along in their boats to watch and cheer!

 So after six days of sunshine, and hundreds of gelatos later, I left Venice with a spring in my step!

Picnic Hot Spots in East London

We all know where the big parks are and yes they are great vast green delights but what if you can’t get to Regents, St James, Hyde Park, Hamstead Heath on your lunch break? Maybe you fancy somewhere a little less popular and crowded at the weekends?

We are here to tell you about the smaller hidden gems in East London (if I covered all of London I would be here all day).

For all those wanting a zen moment from the hectic rat race of Liverpool Street life take some time out in the secret garden in Spitalfields Market. Hidden away down Lamb Street opposite Scarlet Dot there are 2 small and neat gardens with well kept greenery and number of benches. It beats sitting in the office that’s for sure.

Haggerston Park is a wonderfully understated haven and is right by Hackney City Farm. It isn’t well known and never seems to get too busy and there are some beautiful spots to have a picnic with friends. You can even take a stroll along the canal after you’ve polished off soon cheese and chutney. I find Haggerston Park to be a quieter alternative to the often crowded neighbouring London Fields.

Victoria Park is the obvious choice here, but a real East End Joy, especially as it has recently been revamped. I was cycling around there just the other day and forgot how beautiful it is. The pond and fountain on a sunny day look incredible and there are lots of little gardens, bridges, playgrounds and tennis courts dotted about within this huuuuge park.

(these were taken just before the heavens opened)

Weavers Fields is a park tucked away just behind the bustling Bethnal Green Road. It has amazing views of the Gherkin and the Shard. There is even a hidden nature trail walk down one side where you can spot various wildlife and plants. When the sun comes out it brings the friendliest ice cream van man with it!

Now you have the hot spots get the products..we have Bento Boxes for your lunch break….

..and picnic hampers for your weekend feasts..

Now all you have left to do is pack up a treat and away you go!

Not ANOTHER Tie - Good Father’s Day Ideas

It’s not that far away now, less than 2 weeks, Sunday 17th June to be precise.

Did you know that in the UK 7 million Father’s Day cards are sent each year, compared to 13 million Mother’s Day cards so come on people make 2012 the year to treat your poor papa. We have a great selection of cards and some pretty good gifts so come on down.

How many ties does your dad have now? Maybe you are reading this smugly thinking pah, I don’t get ties, but I bet you get him socks and/or slippers right? Instead of leaving it to the last minute and grabbing a tatty WORLDS BEST DAD mug come and see us.

Here at Inspitalfields we have come up with a few creative gift ideas for your old man:

How about getting your papa a piece of unusual literature to enjoy in his armchair..

….or buy him a cardboard wireless (a radio to you and I) that he can stick in his shed…

…maybe the old fella has green fingers, in which case we have an array of gardening bits and pieces to keep him busy (and out of the house)…

…or is he a keen cyclist? If so we have a selection of bicycle bits…

Does he enjoy a tipple? If so get him this cunning little book which conceals a hip flask..ingenious!

So there you have it, just a few tie alternatives for a happy chappy this Father’s Day.

When Inspitalfields Met Art HAUS

 Art HAUS is a wonderfully exciting and beautifully executed art exhibition. Situated in the heart of East London it combines Art, Interior Design and Architecture.  How refreshing it was to see artwork displayed in home-like settings opposed to hanging on the standard white wall. 


Upon entering the gallery you immediately hit a stark hallway, greeted by a doormat saying ‘There’s no place like home’. You are then taken on a Clock-Work Orange style journey through 5 rooms, each one carefully considerate of the art it carries. Most people, when decorating, slap some paint on the walls, add the furniture and purchase art work at the very end, treating it as the icing on the cake. Art HAUS works in reverse, the art acts as the sponge –the essential base, the room as embellishment.


The Living Room is ‘oh so British’ with Queen Elizabeth taking pride of place in the centre of the room. The red, white and blue theme works well with the mix of products and the dollar bill rug along side a jar full of cut up currency adds a humorous touch. With the Queen’s Jubilee just around the corner this is the perfect pit-stop for inspiration, whether you are planning a street party or just fancy a royal revamp.


The Bedroom is described as a ‘Vintage Euphoria’ and I can see why. An angel hovers over what could be a Ballerinas dressing room. It reminded me of Sofia Copella’s version of Marie-Antoinette with pastel hues and a dream like quality. 



The Dining Room has a hedonistic Wonderland appeal. Imagine Alice on Acid, with toxic tones bouncing off an array of eclectic pieces, from sheep and hare place mats to pistol book ends (and the Dorothy duplications are enough to make anyone go dizzy.)


The Bathroom gives a nod to Dada and Dali. Taking inspiration from Duchamps ‘Fountain’ an ornately decorated urinal is complimented by a wall of beautifully crafted coral sculptures.


The Kitchen pays homage to Warhol’s Soup Can. However this iconic notion has been turned on its head, boundaries blurred between consumer goods and art. This industrial space bears a Men-At-Work vibe.


Images do not do this justice at all so get down to Vyner St and see this visual delight for yourselves.


Inspitalfields are proud sponsors of Art HAUS, donating a large number of products that feature throughout the exhibition.

Curator Ryan Lanji worked closely with the Inspitalfields Team hand selecting products and furnishings helping make his unique concept a reality.



Art HAUS is showing from the 3rd May - 30 June 2012 12-6pm daily.

DegreeArt’s Execution Room

12A Vyner St E2 9DG

020 898 0395